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Who we are

Who we are

The Baltasar Garzón International Foundation - FIBGAR - is a private, non-profit organisation with a global scope of action, based in Europe (Spain) and Latin America (Mexico, Colombia and Argentina).


FIBGAR’s mission is to combat impunity for human rights violations, corruption and organized crime in all its forms, for which it works in the promotion and defense of human rights and universal jurisdiction.


Perseverance, justice, security, freedom, equality, solidarity, honesty, transparency, respect for diversity, tolerance, responsibility and commitment.


Founded in December 2011, FIBGAR was born with the firm purpose of making a professional and comprehensive approach to a series of realities that Baltasar Garzón observed throughout his professional career as a judge and magistrate, giving continuity to the values that guided his work in favor of the most vulnerable people. That is why its Board of Trustees has set as its main objectives the promotion of Human Rights and Universal Jurisdiction.

Since then and until now, FIBGAR has achieved, among others, the adoption of the “Principles of Universal Jurisdiction Madrid-Buenos Aires”, supported by more than 100 jurists and international experts; the training in Human Rights to more than 1500 young people in our “And you, what do you know about Human Rights?”We have worked with allies in 5 European countries to develop a legal and cultural framework to promote the protection of alerters that has culminated in the approval of a European Directive, and the creation of the Platform for the Truth Commission on the crimes of Francoism that brings together more than 100 organizations working on Historical Memory.