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Collaboration FIBGAR – Trent University

We are happy to announce that FIBGAR will collaborate with Trent University in Canada on Spanish democratic memory initiatives. More specifically, Memorízate (, FIBGAR’s democratic memory macro-project, and the Virtual Museum of the Spanish Civil War (, a project of Trent University, weave common bonds to work together occasionally on issues related to the Civil War and Francoism.

Through several different galleries, the Museum aims to give a 360-degree view of what the Civil War and the subsequent Franco regime entailed, without remaining on the surface and understanding this historical event not as something isolated but as a period that was part of a series of totalitarianism, dictatorships, and violations of human rights on a practically global scale.

These galleries are divided into 5 different themes:

1. Beginning of the Civil War and development of the conflict: contextualizing the beginning of the Civil War through images of artifacts used during the War, events that took place or different places in the national geography that suffered consequences.

2. The rearguards: where we reflect on how both sides of the war suffered the conflict and provide images of the consequences for the Republican and rebel sides.

3. Everyday life at the front: where images of everyday objects that could be found at the front, such as crucifixes, pots, coins, canteens, etc., are collected.

4. The international context: explaining the involvement in the war of countries such as France, the Soviet Union, Algeria, Chile, Portugal, and the United States, among others.

5. Memory: this gallery reflects on the different types of memory that have taken place in Spanish society as the decades have passed and provides images of different significant monuments from the Franco era that are being re-signified today. In this gallery, you can find the Memorízate entry (

Memorízate and the Virtual Museum of the Spanish Civil War jointly contribute to creating spaces of memory about the events experienced during this historical period, so that information is not lost and knowledge is generated, to educate global citizens and raise awareness about the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent Franco dictatorship.

Madrid, July 10 2024.