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Human Rights Auditing for Transnational Corporations

FIBGAR proposes to create and develop Human Rights Audits in companies, in general and especially with respect to those that are in areas at risk of Human Rights violations or disregard. Not only should the fiscal, accounting and economic health of a corporation be audited, but it is also necessary to audit the guidelines and levels of compliance with human rights standards within the company and not only with respect to labour rights, but also with respect to third parties, the environment, production and transformation mechanisms and transparency.

The project aims to generate a series of recommendations to companies in order to comply with international and national human rights standards. This project establishes a first phase of diagnosis on the current situation of the company from an operational, strategic and managerial point of view, in order to subsequently make a series of recommendations in terms of compliance with human rights.


Status: ongoing
Place: Global
Beneficiaries: Transnational corporations
Funder: Own
Strategic line: Human rights

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