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Support to the Attorney General’s Office in Colombia

FIBGAR carried out a project to advise, accompany and support the Attorney General’s Office in Colombia in the development of a comprehensive strategy to address global and wide-ranging problems.

One of the permanent challenges facing Colombian society as a whole has been the fight against organised crime in its different manifestations. From the permanent fight against drug trafficking and money laundering, to the confrontation of the various manifestations of organised violence in scenarios such as para-military, guerrilla and the actions of certain legal armed actors, all efforts have converged in overcoming certain doses of impunity that, at times, have questioned the very action of the state in its mission to guarantee the security of all Colombian citizens.

They have also, to a large extent, led to the realisation of the impossibility of satisfactorily resolving the macro-criminal phenomenon with traditional tools, which were designed for other types of criminality and for different moments than those now faced by Colombian society.

Therefore, three lines of action were proposed for the implementation of the project: the analysis of the impact of the Directive on prioritisation criteria in criminal investigation, the creation of a strategy for the investigation of macro-criminal crimes, and the provision of advice to the Attorney General of the Nation.


Status: Completed
Place: Colombia
Beneficiaries: Prosecutors, judicial police, citizens of Colombia
Collaborators: Colombian National Prosecutor’s Office
Funder: Prosecutor’s Office of Colombia
Strategic line: Fight against corruption

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