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Reflections from the online seminar “Challenges of environmental democracy”

The environmental challenges we face today are unprecedented, and have emerged as an issue that threatens global democracies. This was the central theme of the last seminar of our project “VOCES – Voices of civil society for a more sustainable democracy: dialogue between Europe and Latin America” entitled “Challenges of environmental democracy”. In this event we had the presence of three participants of the VOCES project where they offered perspectives on the relationship between environment, human rights and citizen participation.

The first to speak was Caroline Feital, who with her contribution “Main challenges for the protection of the environment as a way to guarantee human rights in Latin American countries with high levels of social inequality” shared her concern about the problems of Latin America and the Caribbean, with special emphasis on Brazil. He also recalled the urgent need to speak not only of ecological transition, but also of a just transition. Feital recalled that social inequality exacerbates the impacts of the climate crisis on the most vulnerable populations, thus underlining the importance of addressing environmental challenges in a comprehensive manner, addressing both the environmental and social dimensions.