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¿Sabes qué pasó? Weekly Newsletter October 23 to October 29.

The State of Chile is condemned for a kidnapping case during the Pinochet dictatorship

Within the framework of the civil proceeding, the State of Chile will be obliged to compensate Macarena Aguló Marchi for moral damages caused by her kidnapping, being qualified as a “victim of a crime against humanity” and, therefore, imprescriptible.

Macarena Aguló Marchi was kidnapped in 1975, when she was only 3 years old, by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) and was disappeared for a month, even going to Villa Grimaldi (a detention center where torture was carried out). She was the daughter of two members of the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR) and her kidnapping was intended to arrest Hernán Águiló, her father and a high-ranking military officer of the MIR, who was wanted.

Along with this key sentence for the recognition and reparation of the damages suffered by the victim, the trial of two former DINA agents for the same facts is also being held in the criminal justice system. A conviction would be a further step in the fight against impunity for the perpetrators of the dictatorship’s crimes.

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Young woman assaulted in Tehran for not wearing veil, brain dead

Armita Geravand, a 16-year-old girl, was brutally assaulted by Iranian morality police officers, allegedly for not wearing a veil on her way to class on the subway. The official regime defends that his traumatism was caused by a fainting spell, but witnesses’ testimonies deny this version.

This new demonstration of the repression and violence to which Iranian women are systematically subjected coincides with the sentencing to 12 and 13 years in prison of two journalists who covered the case of Mahsa Amini, who died in September 2022 after being arrested for not wearing the veil correctly.

Amini’s case triggered a massive protest movement in defense of women’s rights, called Women, Life and Liberty, which has been recognized in awards such as the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Lula government’s environmental policies halt Amazon deforestation

During the years with Jair Bolsonaro at the head of the executive, Brazil doubled the annual area destroyed and in 2022 was responsible for 43% of the total loss of forests globally – a phenomenon that involves the emission of as much CO2 into the atmosphere as all the emissions from the use of fossil fuels in India.

Lula, who during his campaign promised to reach a “zero deforestation” quota by 2030, has managed to slow down the deforestation process since he became president in January, with 50% less area lost than last year.

Some of the key measures to reverse the trend inherited by his predecessor are the increase of inspections and fines in the countryside (during Bolsonaro’s term, despite rampant land devastation data, fines for deforestation dropped by up to 40%), as well as the identification of public lands not used for agriculture for their qualification as indigenous lands, quilombola territories and conservation units (legal status that protects them against deforestation).

Environmental organizations are positive about these encouraging data, with Greenpeace Brazil stating that “zero deforestation is the great contribution that Brazil can make to mitigating climate change”.

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