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Diploma in Transnational and Organised Crime: Strategies for Judicial Investigation

In 2014, FIBGAR organised the diploma course Transnational and Organised Crime: Strategies for Judicial Investigation.

The working team for this diploma course was made up of professors from the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Libre, including Gustavo Socha Salamanca, Luis Enrique González Villamizar, Luis Gonzalo Lozano Pacheco, Máximo Alberto Duque and Sonia Esperanza García. The diploma course was also attended by renowned national and international experts linked to FIBGAR, such as its president, Judge Baltasar Garzón, the prosecutor Dolores Delgado, Adriana Ruiz and Hernán Hormazábal.

After 120 hours of academic work, students and teachers highlighted the excellence of the diploma course. “The current situation of the Prosecutor General’s Office is the right time to carry out these academic events, as they constitute an important support in the fight against transnational organised crime,” said Mauricio Villalba, one of the participating students.


Status: Completed
Place: Colombia
Partners:Universidad Externado de Colombia
Funder: Propia
Area: Human rights

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