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Training workshops “Youth and Human Rights: Knowing our History”

In 2014, together with Booooo Social Initiative, FIBGAR organized the educational workshops “Youth and Human Rights: Knowing our History”, a project of promotion and social awareness of Human Rights to bring the values of Democratic Memory to the new generations.

These workshops were held in eight public schools in Madrid and were aimed at students in secondary education, PCPI, Diversification and Baccalaureate.

The students positively welcomed the 35 workshops, which through various activities have allowed them to learn more about a reality almost unknown to them: Human Rights.


Status: Completed
Place: España
Beneficiaries:Alumnado de educación secundaria, PCPI, Diversificación y Bachillerato.
Partners:Booooo Iniciativa Social
Funder: Propia
Area: Human rights

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