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Course in Human Rights and Universal Justice

In 2014, FIBGAR organised, together with the Metropolitan University for Education and Work (UMET), these first training courses on Human Rights in Argentina, in which an outstanding group of internationally renowned jurists debated on Human Rights and Universal Justice.

The programme focused on the most relevant aspects of the concept of Universal Justice and its relationship with judicial processes involving crimes affecting Human Rights. The main objective of this course was to analyse and reflect on the scope of the application of this principle of Universal Justice and how the legal protection of Human Rights can be extended and consolidated at the international level. To this end, reference was made to the numerous cases in which different national courts have acted on the basis of this universal legal principle to protect the victims of this type of crime.

The analysis of the relationship between economic powers, dictatorships and authoritarian governments was particularly interesting in order to reflect on this type of recurring relationship from a legal point of view, which is essential when studying human rights violations at the international level. There is a clear need to investigate the network of economic relations that gave and gives support to authoritarian regimes that commit crimes against humanity and to overcome the vision that focuses responsibility for the crimes on the political actors of the different dictatorial processes.



Status: Completed
Place: Argentina
Partners:Metropolitan University for Education and Work (UMET)
Funder: Own
Area: Universal Jurisdiction

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