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Open data in local goverments

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development defined by the United Nations aims to guide global actions to address the most relevant issues.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a guide for a more egalitarian, diverse, fair and environmentally responsible empowerment for the realization of community efforts in its resolution.

The benefits of Open Data for measuring sustainable development have also been demonstrated for:

(i) improving the efficiency and coverage of public services;
(ii) increasing transparency, accountability and citizen participation; and
(iii) facilitating the exchange of information with governments.

Having an Open Data agenda is a requirement and a necessity to advance with commitment and consistency in the fulfillment of the SDG 2030.

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Status: Completed
Place: Spain
Beneficiaries:Spanish and Latin American citizenship (Spanish-speaking)
Funding:Conselleria de Participación, Transparencia, Cooperación y Calidad Democrática
Strategic line: Corruption and Human Rights

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