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¡Memorízate! – Let’s commit to democratic memory!

Following the path initiated by the project ¡Memorízate! -Let’s activate our democratic memory! this project sought to encourage the direct participation of young people in the collection, research, and transmission of democratic memory so that they become involved and true protagonists in the historical reconstruction of the democratic memory of our country.

Through an active and pedagogical accompaniment, the aim was to interest, train, and empower young people so that they carry out activities of research and transmission of our democratic memory, becoming agents of preservation and expansion of the memorial heritage.

In this way, we are committed to a pedagogy of memory that accompanies the new generations in the process of recovering what happened through the study of documentary heritage and the collection of direct testimonies, so that the young people involved in this project not only become involved and promote democratic values but can also share this experience with their peers.

For all these reasons, ¡Memorízate! – Let’s commit to memory! proposed:

1) to train and empower a group of 10 young people (18-30), providing them with the necessary tools to be protagonists in the process of recovering and compiling democratic memory;
2) to promote the exchange of knowledge among young people on the subject of democratic memory;
3) to turn young people into agents of preservation and extension of the memorial heritage.

These goals were achieved thanks to the commitment of 11 young Spaniards among 18 to 28 years old who were part of the Academy for democratic memory, where they were instructed during 5 different virtual meetings about what memory is, how it can be compiled, where they can find information for research and how it can be shared and disseminated.

Thanks to this training and the assistance of some protagonists of the democratic memory movement in Spain, each of the 11 youngsters developed research about a topic related to the Spanish Civil War and Francoism which finished with the elaboration of a final product.

These final products are gathered in different formats like letters, photographic and journalist reports, articles, documentaries, novel autobiographies, websites, or reports, which enrich the Spanish memorial heritage.

If you want more information related to these interesting pieces of research and their creators, click here:


Status: Completed
Place: Spain
Beneficiaries:Spanish and Latin American citizens (Spanish speakers)
Funder:Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Democratic Memory
Strategic line: Human Rights

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