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Legal Definition of Ecocide

In 2020-2021, FIBGAR supported the work of the Panel of Independent Experts convened by the Stop Ecocide Foundation to develop a legal definition of ecocide as the fifth crime of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The panel was composed of twelve jurists from different parts of the world with a balanced set of expertise and experience in international criminal law, environmental law and climate law, including Philippe Sands, Senegalese jurist Dior Fall Sow (both co-chairs), US jurist Kate Mackintosh, British jurist Richard J. Rogers, Tuiloma Neroni, Tuiloma Neronez and the United States jurist Kate Mackintosh. Rogers, Tuiloma Neroni Slade (from Samoa and former ICC judge), the Bangladeshi Syeda Rizwana Hasan, the French Valérie Cabanes and the Spanish-Chilean jurist Rodrigo Lledó, director of FIBGAR.

In June 2021, a consensus was reached on the essential text of the definition of ecocide as an international crime.

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Status: Completed
Place: Global
Beneficiaries: Professionals and civil society
Supporters: Stop Ecocide Foundation
Funder: Ecological Defence Integrity
Strategic line: Universal jurisdiction

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