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The legal framework against the oblivion: an international and comparative analysis on the legal foundations of democratic remembrance

The legal framework against forgetting: an international and comparative analysis on the legal foundations of democratic memory is a research project that aims to enrich the public debate on the importance and need to know, preserve and disseminate our democratic memory.

The research aimed to compile and systematise the international and comparative framework on the legal foundations of democratic memory, with the specific objective of contributing arguments to the public discussion on this matter, given that, beyond the different opinions and political contingencies, there are international obligations that Spain must fulfil as a democratic state within the international community and the European Union.

In addition to the possible theoretical contribution, from a practical perspective, the project aimed to produce a report and an executive summary, the latter operating as a toolbox with a series of concrete arguments, based on international and comparative law, which will provide support and backing for the initiatives currently being promoted by both public institutions and memorialist associations.

The project began with the search for and compilation of international instruments (universal and regional) that refer to democratic memory, together with a comparative analysis of the current regulations at the European and Latin American level, with special attention to their scope, their scope of application, their real effectiveness and the level of satisfaction in the collective of victims and in society as a whole.

In the next stage, a full report was prepared, as well as an executive summary, which was presented at a seminar attended by public authorities and memorialist associations, with due dissemination in social networks and the media of the presentation event, as well as of the main conclusions of the report.




Status: Completed
Place: Spain
Beneficiaries: Spanish citizens
Funder: Ministerio de la Presidencia, Relaciones con las Cortes y Memoria Democrática (Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Democratic Memory)
Strategic line: Human rights

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