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Access to Justice in Ethiopia

The first consisted of equipping the National Court of Adigrat and Wukro with laptops and desktop computers, photocopiers, printers, benches and tin screens to create shaded areas for hearings, in order to offer an effective, efficient and quality judicial service to society and to promote public confidence. The beneficiaries of this project, in addition to judges, registrars, statisticians, development planners, transcribers, translators, clients and departments in the eastern part of the National Court, are the citizens.

The second of the projects aimed to broaden society’s legal knowledge, to protect the rights of vulnerable groups and to improve the city’s judicial system.


Status: Completed
Place: Ethiopia
Beneficiaries: National Court of Adigrat and Wukro, Ethiopian civil society
Collaborators: Angel Olarán Foundation
Funding: Own
Strategic line: Human rights

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