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Memorízate is an open and collaborative platform that seeks to collect individual stories, documentation and data of the victims of the Civil War and Francoism, in order to build together the collective memory of our painful recent past, under the premise of “dialogue as collective healing”.

Memorízate seeks to go beyond the mere “collection of testimonies”. It aims to contribute to the construction of a collective, plural and intergenerational narrative about the Civil War and the repression during the subsequent dictatorship. From Memorízate we prefer to speak of “collective memory” rather than “historical memory” because we understand the construction of memory as a current, living, participatory, collaborative, democratic, plural, multigenerational and, therefore, subjective, contradictory even, and in permanent construction process.

Memorízate is a web page in which we can all memorize our family, providing data, documents, photographs and above all our testimony and that of our fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, to prevent them from falling into oblivion. Let us together make memory a path to the future.

In this way, the stories about the experiences during the Civil War and the dictatorship will not only be preserved, but will serve as the backbone of memory, as an element of reparation, as an instrument of intergenerational healing of the trauma generated by the conflict and human rights violations. These individual narratives will form the basis of a collective narrative in constant construction.

This is what Memorízate offers, the first comprehensive, collaborative and open documentary collection on the Civil War and the dictatorship with a restorative and restorative function of rights. An instrument of collective creation of memory with a vision of a future and justice.

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Status: Completed
Place: Spain
Beneficiaries: Civil society
Collaborators: Maloka Media, Vidas Comprometidas
Funding: Puffin Foundation
Strategic line: Human rights

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