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Tape of dreams

In 2016, in Colombia, FIBGAR carried out the Cinta de sueños project with the aim of increasing the participation capacities of young victims of the armed conflict in the region of Montes de María and Cartagena in the processes of social transformation, the construction of memory and comprehensive and democratic reparation.

In order to achieve the project’s objective, FIBGAR worked on the development of workshops with experts in historical memory, integral reparation, democratic coexistence and social transformation, as well as on the identification of participants in the training.

In the second phase of the project, the selected participants were responsible for transmitting the knowledge acquired to their collectives in each municipality targeted by the project, always with the accompaniment and support of a person from the Foundation.


Status: Completed
Place: Colombia
Beneficiaries: Civil society
Collaborators: Montes de María Communications Collective – Línea 21
Funding: Swedish-Norwegian Cooperation Fund with Colombian Civil Society
Strategic line: Human rights

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