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Restarting the future

At the end of 2014, FIBGAR became a partner in Spain of the Restarting the Future (RTF) campaign, the sister platform at European level of the successful Italian Riparte il Futuro, with the aim of creating an anti-corruption culture in Spain, facilitating the discovery of corruption cases and empowering civil society in its fight, working with MEPs in the European Parliament so that their commitment is transformed into concrete actions.

Within the framework of this initiative, FIBGAR carried out several awareness-raising actions aimed at accompanying the intergroup on Integrity, Transparency, Anti-Corruption and Organised Crime created in the European Parliament.

Among these initiatives, the work to promote a parliamentary resolution to promote a European directive on whistleblowing stands out.


Status: Completed
Place: Europe
Beneficiaries: Public administration staff, civil society
Partners: Riparte il Futuro
Funding: Own
Strategic line: Corruption

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