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Right to Memory

Right to Memory is a FIBGAR project carried out in collaboration with the Asociación Foro por la Memoria Democrática and the Plataforma por la Comisión de la Verdad sobre los crímenes del franquismo.

Seeking to bring the issue of memory to the public from objectivity, proximity and diversity, Right to Memory proposes educational podcasts on Human Rights and democratic memory.

Throughout the different episodes, you can listen to interviews with distinguished actors of the memorial movement, as well as current projects in national and European territory, debates on current issues, and the definition and personal meaning that different citizens give to memory.

With a dynamic and attractive language, Right to Memory wants to guide listeners through the most essential issues related to democratic memory, from a European perspective that connects us with the importance of underpinning our democratic systems within the European Union and provides us with a critical spirit and resilience as essential actors in the construction of the story of memory.

Listen to the episodes of Right to Memory here.


Status: in progress
Place: Spain
Beneficiaries: Civil society
Collaborators: Asociación Foro por la Memoria Democrática, Plataforma por la Comisión de la Verdad sobre los crímenes del franquismo
Funding: Self-financing
Strategic line: Human rights

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